Locket, Charms & Chains Care

We have taken along time to create a locket that is beautiful, stylish, and technically strong as possible. All jewellery, including our other TARA WOLF pieces, should be cared for with love and respect, in doing so, they will give you many years of joy and happiness.

These few tips on caring for your locket, charms & chains, will increase the longevity of them:

  • Always store your locket away, preferably in its orginal box, when it is not being worn.
  • We recommend that you do NOT wear your locket in water, it’s not waterproof, and water can get into the locket, and damage what is held in your locket.
  • All sterling silver will tarnish over time, but it will happen much faster when it comes in contact with perfume, skin creams, hair spray, chlorine, sea water, perspiration, and acidic skin ph. Hot and humid condition also effect tarnishing. The amount of tarnishing (oxidation)that occurs is dependent on the skin and care habits of the wearer. Tarnishing is not a manufacturing fault.
  • Clean your jewellery, that does not include any soft gemstones, pearls with a SOFT toothbrush in diluted soapy lukewarm water. Use a soft specialised silver jewellery cleaning cloth. Wear your silver jewellery regularly, your body oils and the brushing of the jewellery against your clothes helps keep the tarnishing down.
Avoid using a silver dip or paste as they contain harsh chemicals.
  • Rinse your charms thoroughly in lukewarm water and thoroughly dry with a cotton cloth. Do not use paper products such as tissues, as they can scratch the surface.
  • Before you store your charms, lockets & chains, let them air dry completely. Moisture speeds up the tarnishing process, MAKE SURE THAT THEY ARE COMPLETELY DRY.