Tara Wolf jewellery is known for its soulful, empowering and beautiful pieces that are a feast for the eyes and the human spirit.

For years, the range has let women express their individuality and style through a collection of soulful and distinctive bracelets, and necklaces.

Now, joining these high quality pieces is a new range of stunning Tara Wolf Lockets, 
Charms and Chains. Tara Wolf Lockets are made from .925 sterling silver or 18K gold vermeil with clear, crystal centres which join with the designer charms to form a modern keepsake, which sits close to your heart and tells a story about your most precious memories.

Life is a story that keeps changing so, there are more than 100 charms, spanning nine categories, which will let you add new chapters to your locket each time there is a special memory to capture. Anniversaries, faith, birth dates, love and hope are just the start in the Tara Wolf charm collection.


Life is a story that keeps changing and all your treasured memories can be marked by a high quality .925 sterling silver or 18K gold vermeil Tara Wolf charm. With more than 100 charms in the range every chapter of life is covered, and when it comes to birthdays Tara Wolf celebrates in style with semi-precious stones that are a dazzling addition to the Tara Wolf Birthstones collection.


Tara Wolf Chains, of course, are made from only the best .925 sterling silver of 18K gold vermeil. With a choice in lengths of either 81cm (32”) or 45cm (18”), plus an adjustable 2.5cm extension on each, the chains are the perfect complement to your Tara Wolf locket and charm collection.