Throat Chakra Gold-black cord

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Throat Chakra Gold-black cord


The Sanskrit name Visuddha means “pure”, therefore this chakra is known as the purification centre, and is the energy centre for talking and self-expression.

This, the 5th Chakra, corresponds to the throat and enables one to speak to others in a kind, truthful and loving manner. Equally it enhances our listening to know what the truth is. The throat is the bridge between our internal and external world, our emotions and our thoughts.

The Throat Chakra’s main issues are speech, communication, inspiration, expression, faith and purpose. This chakra is our “will” centre.

The Throat Chakra is represented by the colour Blue, which is the colour associated with “self-expression’ and mental relaxation. Blue is a calming colour and as such helps to relax and encourage feelings of peace.

Associated Body Parts:Throat, lungs, ears, mouth, thyroid gland and jaw
Astrology Association:Gemini and Virgo
Emotions:Expression, communication and power of choice
Goals:Communication, creativity and resonance
Located:Base of throat between chin and top of sternum
Personal Traits:Loyal, tactful, affectionate, inspiring, inventive, caring and cautious
Sanskrit Name:Vishuddha

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