Seashells "Gaia" Silver Bracelet

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 The symbolism for seashells may vary from one culture to another. The Romans believed that seashells symbolised regeneration and prosperity. In Christian folklore, the seashells were thought to symbolise the fact that the resurrection occurred. In China, they represent good fortune and a good life in the after world. In India, the seashell is often used as a symbol of fertility and may even be worn to aid fertility.

Shells are interpreted as meaning artistic ability, change of consciousness, emotional stability, the goddess, good fortune in relationships, good news, good outcome in legal matters, happiness near water, luck, money, rebirth, safe return, spiritual awareness.

"Shells are gentle healers and messengers, and very powerful tools of transformation. Each seashell was created as its home by an individual animal who had their own package of DNA and their own consciousness. Each shell, therefore, has its own bundle of information to share with us."


This bracelet is on a Black silk cord.

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