Peace Sign "Karma" Silver Bracelet

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Peace Sign


A figure representing peace, in the form of a circle with one line bisecting it from top to bottom and two shorter lines radiating... This symbol was originally used by the Direct Action Committee Against Nuclear War. It's related to semaphore letters and has nothing to do with the cross. So you have your choice in the peace sign. Is it an upside down broken cross? Is it a symbol of National Socialist Germany? Is it a sign of despair, a peasant before a firing squad? Is it socialist? None of these seem like good choices for the Christian to use as a symbol, do they? So let’s turn to the current “meaning” of the sign, simply, “the desire for world peace.”

This bracelet is on a high quality adjustable black cotton cord, with a .925 Sterling Silver 20mm disc. Our range can be worn on its own, or with our Chakra, Zodiac and Aglaea bracelets in a "stacked" style.

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