Mermaid "Gaia" Silver Bracelet

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 They are matrons of enchantment, entreating sailors with beguiling beauty, grace, and mesmerising melodies. Seductive and charming, all those in contact with mermaids are subject to their persuasion.

I like to think this is symbolic of letting our hearts and our passion overrule the analytical mind. Sometimes the stuff we are attracted to doesn't have to make sense - and it's OK to be captured by odd, otherworldly music. Especially these days when conformity, conservatism and over-thinking can be utterly soul-numbing.

Naturally, mermaid meaning and symbolism also deals with love as they are frequently associated with love goddesses like Aphrodite/Venus. They are also affiliated with sea goddesses like Amphitrites, Tethys, Calypso and the Norse sea goddess, Ran. Sexually tantalising and devastatingly lovely, mermaids are perfect pinups for feminine (yin) power. This is quite nice, as mermaids also represent wild freedom, rebellious spirits and ferocious independence (they can never be contained and frequently avoid settling.


This bracelet is on a Black silk cord.

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