Crown Chakra Gold-black cord

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Crown Chakra Gold-black cord


The Sanskrit name Sahasrara means “Thousandfold”. The 7th chakra, The Crown Chakra is the symbol for purity and spirituality. It is considered the chakra with the highest energy. It stands for freedom and can bring a person a sense of understanding, wisdom and enlightenment, and help guide their spiritual growth.

The Crown Chakra is a very important chakra, as it helps to balance all the other six chakras. The Crown Chakra is also connected to joy, faith, peace and beauty. It also controls a person’s values, morals and ethics.

The Crown Chakra is represented by the colour Violet which relates to self knowledge and spiritual awareness. This colour is great for use in meditation and to allow the use of imagination to it’s fullest.

Associated Body Parts:Central nervous system, upper brain and pituitary gland
Astrology Association:Aquarius
Emotions:Bliss, spirituality, clarity, peace and enlightenment
Goals:Wisdom, knowledge and consciousness
Located:At the top of the head
Personal Traits:Inspirational leader, kindly and just, humanitarian, self-sacrificing, visionary, creative and mentally strong
Sanskrit Name:Sahasrara
Sense:Knowing and oneness

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